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Make sure your sales efforts reflect your market – and anticipate it

Unique Boutiques Worldwide.

When you book with IBC, you'll enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind travel experience in a local hotel that's as unique as its owner.
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IBC member hotels are as unique as the local owners who run them. No monotony. No generic wall art. Just unique travel experiences that corporate America can't match.


With IBC Hotels, there are no surprises. You choose your experience based on current low rates, photos from the owner, and reviews and ratings from guests like you.


Travel sites pocket as much as 70% of your nightly rate! With IBC, more of your money goes to the hotel, so you get the same service as other guests while supporting local business.


Book a local adventure. Reserve a table at that cute little restaurant down the street. Even add optional cancellation protection to your stay. With IBC, independent travel is easy.

Make sure your sales efforts reflect your market – and anticipate it

Stay 12 nights and we'll pick up the tab for your next night at any of our 20,000 member hotels. No blackout dates. No math to convert points to nights. No exceptions.

With InnDependent InnCentives, independent travel doesn't mean giving up on points.

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See the world like a local.

Learn about the one-of-a-kind travel experiences that could be yours when you book a unique boutique in these cities.

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